SEO Audit – what is it and how does it help?

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit helps identify the strengths of your website and areas for improvement. Areas to be looked at include things like keyword rankings – where does your website show up in search results. Are you #5 on the page? Or are you #23. #23 won’t get you any traffic. Having a good business Website will help you attract and keep customers. I will work with you to review the key parts of the report I will put together and make recommendations. I always keep in mind your goals for your Website.

Site Audit – What Does It Contain

Visibility across all search engines
Keyword rankings
Site Speed
Top 10 pages summary
Traffic volume based on Google
Content gaps
Way to improve look and feel
Technical issues that reduce traffic

This report gives us a good high-level review of your site and its progress over time. We can identify areas of improvement and find things to work on in the future.

Why is an SEO Audit Necessary?

An SEO audit is invaluable when it comes to improving your online business presence and finding issues that need updating or addressing. For instance, audits help you:

find mistakes in your website’s code, content, and structure
stay competitive by providing actionable insights
identify whether you’re ranking for your chosen keywords and where you’re showing on the SERPs
update your content to align with algorithm and webmaster guideline changes
make decisions about which content to refresh
optimize your titles, headlines, meta descriptions, and other on-page issues
do competitor analysis
measure the quality of backlinks, text length, and URL keyword opportunities, which are among the most important factors in your SEO rankings
check loading times and mobile accessibility for the optimal customer experience

SEO Audit Approach

  • At the highest level, the structure of the site is reviewed. How the site’s pages are structured and organized.
  • At a page level, performance is reviewed by looking at factors like traffic, links, social metrics, conversions, and content engagement
  • At its finest level, a review of the content is carried out, this means looking at the copy, images, videos, etc.
  • We want to identify any issues and ways to resolve them that may be affecting your Business Website. We want to help maximize the value of your Business Website.

Content audits are rarely a standalone piece of work. Most will revolve around keyword research data and include (or be followed by) keyword mapping and gap analysis.

What SEO Audit Tools do I use To Conduct an SEO Audit?

There are many tools out there today. There is always a “new” better tool that wants to charge you a lot of money. I purchase or subscribe to many SEO Tools to do a comprehensive analysis. These include (but not limited to):

  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics provides metrics and data about your website’s performance in their search engine
  • Google Search Console – Google Search Console lets you see if your site is indexed correctly and how it is appearing in search results
  • Google Pagespeed Insights – Pagespeed Insights measure the page performance of your site for Mobile and Desktop users
  • Other page speed tools include Pingdom, WebPageTest and GTMetrix. These tools all measure your page performance but each gives a little different insight. We want your site to perform across all these tools.
  • Tool Set – The Link Assistant tools provide many valuable reports. One of the primary ones is Rank Tracking. This allows me to “watch” your site over time and how it’s performing for the selected set of keywords. It can show us ranking performance for all search engines as well as a customized search view into your LOCAL business area. Invaluable for Local businesses who are trying to target a small area such as a city or county. I can also monitor/examine your top competitor sites for additional insight.
  • Screaming Frog – Screaming Frog looks at page-by-page items of your website. With this tool, I can look at technical issues that may be holding you back. Specific items to fix such as page titles, headers, links, meta descriptions, and so on.
  • There are many more tools I utilize for my monthly audits but this gives you an idea of some of the key tools I use.

It won’t matter how great your Website looks if it’s not working optimally to bring people to your Website and convert them into clients. An SEO Audit will allow us to identify and fix issues so your Website actually performs at its best, increase rankings, and enhance visibility. I offer these Search Engine Optimization Audits stand-alone or as part of my SEO Services, Keyword Research, and/or WebSite Development offerings.

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