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One key area for any website is SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO (search engine optimization) quite simply is understanding how search engines like Google rank your site. That ranking determines when you show up in the search results and how far down you appear from the top. You want your Website to be in the first 10 results to have your best chance at gaining traffic. Getting into the top 10 can be very hard to do depending on the industry. For this, you need someone who can provide proper SEO Services customized for you! Finding affordable SEO for small businesses can be a challenge. Most companies are too expensive or are cheap and can’t deliver what you need. I specialize in affordable SEO services for local small businesses.

For example, a local HVAC company was looking for an HVAC SEO expert to help them show up better in Google search results. I worked with wanted to gain more business thru their Website. After several months of working on their Website, they undertook an audit process. They found thru detailed tracking of calls that they estimated they would gain an additional $1 million dollars in revenue a year based on the work I had done to that point. Needless to say, they were ecstatic!

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What Is Involved In Delivering The Best SEO Services?

Having a sound process that one follows is critical. It can’t be jump here and there. You need a logical path or process that you follow. As you can see below there are many facets to a good SEO Process. It’s not just about one-time keyword research but an ongoing flow.

SEO Process For Local SEO Results

Find Target Keywords

Plan for Keyword Research

This is basically answering the question – what do people who need your service, type into the search engine? You might think you know but there are many variations that someone can type in. It may be that the most common isn’t the best option for your website. It might be that there is so much competition for that keyword you cannot ever show up high enough. We will look at factors such as the Search Volume, Traffic (how many times that search phrase is typed in), Competition for that keyword phrase, and many more factors. I utilize several keyword research tools and websites when I am doing research for you. Some of them are services like KeywordsEveryWhere,,, Google Search, Google Keyword Planner, plus several more tools I pay for.

Keywords play an important role as does making sure your images are labeled properly. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are missed and are so important. I make sure there is the proper structure on every page of your Website. This helps ensure you are optimized for search engines and more traffic to your Website. I know this all looks like a lot of work and it is however as an experienced Web developer I know how to do all this quickly and efficiently.

Check Current Rankings

When we start out together I will check and see what existing keywords you already rank for. Then based on keyword research, I will add more keywords to check rankings so as we update your content to match up with the keywords we can watch the changes together. This helps drive future changes as we make changes and test to see the impact.

Fix On-Site Issues

When running SEO Technical Audits we will identify potential issues that need to be addressed. These range from page speed improvements, HTML heading tag usage, image optimization, to content writing issues. We will do an SEO review periodically so we can make sure your website is performing as well as it can be.

Best SEO Services Process

Optimize Website Pages

We will want to make sure we are optimizing your website’s pages for both keywords, images, and other technical issues we find along the way. It may involve writing more content for your site as well. Sometimes the ideas are there but need more detail. This additional detail is important to search engines because they want to see that your Website is authoritative.

On-page optimization covers many aspects but at a high level, it is focused on making sure the content on your page (images and text) tells search engines what your site and page is about. This helps you get found when someone searches for you.

Fortunately, this is usually not a major issue for most Websites. However, on occasion, there is a site that Google considers to be a bad site that is linking to your site. This devalues your website in Google’s eyes. We will want to check this periodically to ensure none of these exist. If they do we will take steps to eliminate them or at least eliminate the negative impact they can have on your site.

I typically use two paid services to help you get listed on all the directories you need to be on. It’s far cheaper than paying me to do it and they are really good! Also, in some cases, I recommend another paid service to write a few blog articles about your industry and mention your business. This helps build quality links to your site quickly. I also will recommend that you participate in industry-specific forums. This participation helps to build your “authority” in search engine eyes.

Continual SEO Review and Improvement

There is a continual SEO review/audit process I recommend. I provide you with a monthly report which shows traffic and changes based on your keywords. We use this to further optimize your pages.

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There are two broad categories of SEO. Local SEO and National SEO.

Local SEO Service

Local SEO is primarily focused on a smaller radius. Make sure you are listed in local directories, understand your local competition and ensure you will rank ahead of them when people search for your company. For example, a local HVAC company will want to focus on different search keywords than a national donut chain.

Items Specific to a Local SEO Service include:

  • Google My Business page
  • Links from local directories
  • Citations/Reviews
  • Local landing pages

Remember SEO is not just about someone in California finding you but someone who has recently moved into your geographic region and needs a local business.

Not all local business website developers take the time to understand this. I do because it’s what will make your Website valuable to you!

As you can see getting someone who can provide you with the SEO Services you need is important. I can provide the services you need.

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