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I have helped several HVAC companies with their SEO needs over the years. One example, an HVAC Company did a month-long audit of new calls that came to the office. They asked how the customer found them and when they said the Website they tracked that customer. They did this to track how much revenue they gained as a result of my work improving their Website and search engine rankings. After a month they extrapolated the numbers to a full year and estimated they would gain $1M/yr in new revenue. Needless to say, they were ecstatic! This of course did not include additional revenue the customer might give them for future work.

So you might ask – What makes me different than other SEO companies that specialize in the HVAC space?

Trusted HVAC SEO Professional
  • 1-on-1 personal service
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  • I often take calls off hours and on weekends – my current customers will confirm this.
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  • I view my relationship with you as more than a “client” – to me you are a business partner.

Why is HVAC SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Important?

SEO is important because hundreds of thousands of people search for for local HVAC companies each month. Many people search for specific types of HVAC Companies like:

hvac seo near me search volumes

One key area for HVAC companies is gaining additional customers. To help with this I focus on SEO (search engine optimization) and the technical aspects of your Website (such as site speed). So what is SEO? SEO quite simply is understanding how search engines like Google rank your site. That ranking determines when you show up in the search results and how far down you appear from the top. You want your Website to be in the first 10 results to have your best chance at gaining traffic. Getting into the top 10 can be very hard to do in the HVAC industry. It’s extremely competitive. For this, you need someone who can provide proper SEO Services customized for you and your industry!


Tips To Boost Your HVAC SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Strategic Keywords

Keywords are what search engines like Google use to match your website to what a person types in for a search. You want to use keywords that the general public uses along with city and neighborhood names to help the search engine know the areas you service. For example “Air Conditioner Repair in Clearwater Florida” is a popular phrase so we will feature a phrase similar to that. These phrases or what are called long tail keywords, are important to focus on because ranking highly for keyword phrases that are one or two words long is very very difficult.

We will want to build a local web page for each town or neighborhood you work in. Search engines like each page to have it’s own topic and focus.

Quality Content

Just writing a sentence or two isn’t enough. You need to be exhaustive in your content. Talk about what is involved in a repair, what you provide to the customer so they can make a decision, give them before and after pictures for example, and so on. You need enough content so the topic is covered in detail.

HTML Content

We want to make sure we create the web page with the proper coding or infrastructure. Search engines look at the HTML code (the underlying programming code that makes a website work) to see if it is done correctly and that all the bits and pieces that it expects to see are there. There are certain coding standards that we know search engines look at. We will make sure we use those properly with correct words and phrases – for example in the Title of the page. We don’t want “Home” to be the title. We want it to be something like “HVAC Repair Minneapolis Minnesota”. And we sure don’t want the title to be missing.

Site Speed

The length of time it takes the Website to display on your phone or on the desktop computer matters a lot. If it takes more than 2 seconds it is too slow. We will want to make sure your site is fast – especially on phones. Google will show the faster site first if all other things are equal.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people use their phones to search for information. Think of someone’s AC that is broken in the hot Florida summer. They won’t wait to start their computer – they will quickly do a search on their phone. We need to ensure your Website displays properly and quickly on cell phones.

Local Presence in Directories or Listing Services

We need to make sure 3rd party directories and listing services know about you. These are called off-page SEO Optimizations. This helps give search engines clues that your business is legit. Plus some people use these to find contractors – sites like, Angie’s List, Yelp, Etc.

Monitoring Your Web Presence

We want to monitor how your Website is performing over time. Do your show up in positions 1, 5, 15, or 35 in the search results for “ac repair”? The position you occupy will often determine if you get the call or not. If you are not in the top 10 you will probably not get any calls. Position ranking is very competitive so we need to constantly monitor your position as well as your top local competitors. If they are beating you we want to figure out why and then make counter moves to get back ahead of them.

Find Low Hanging Fruit

What do we mean by Low Hanging Fruit? Specifically, we are talking about keyword phrases that maybe do not get a lot of searches but these may also be phrases that no one else is really writing content for. This means with a little work we can grab a lot of these search results and get more business for you. For example, just trying to optimize for “HVAC” is difficult because it is highly competitive. But we could write a page or blog article about a low search volume topic like “No Cold Air? You could have corroded evaporator coils!” or “HVAC Repair Pointers: Cleaning Your Exterior Condenser”. While these won’t get 50,000 searches a month they may get 100 and if we can get 80 of those calls – well that’s a lot of new business right there.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google and other search engines show results on maps and regular search results. Often paid ads take up the first 3-5 positions. For the map you need to optimize your Google Business page so you can show up on the map. You need to not only “claim” your Google Business information but also make sure you update key information such as address, hours of operation, services offered, phone number, etc. These all need to match exactly to your Website data. And don’t forget about making sure you are listed on Bing Maps and Apple Maps. Some companies only focus on Google but significant traffic can be gained from other Map sites.

SEO Process

There are many facets to a good SEO Process. As you can see in the diagram below. It’s not just about one-time work but an ongoing continuous flow.


For example, when we build quality backlinks – I will sometimes recommend we use a paid service to help you get listed on all the directories you need to be on. It’s far cheaper than paying me to do it and they are really good! Also, in some cases, I may recommend another paid service to write a few blog articles about your industry and mention your business. This helps build quality links to your site quickly.

There is a continual SEO review/audit process I recommend. I provide you with a monthly report which shows traffic and changes based on your keywords. We use this to further optimize your pages.

HVAC SEO services

There are two broad categories of SEO. Local SEO and National SEO.

Local HVAC SEO Expert

Local SEO is primarily focused on a smaller radius. Make sure you are listed in local directories, understand your local competition and ensure you will rank ahead of them when people search for your company. For example, a local HVAC company will want to focus on different search keywords than a national donut chain.

Remember SEO is not just about someone in California finding you but someone who has recently moved into your geographic region and needs a local business.

Not all local business website developers take the time to understand this. I do because that is what will make your Website valuable to you!

On Page Optimization Service for HVAC SEO – What Is It?

On Page Optimization HVAC SEO Expert

On-page optimization covers many aspects but at a high level, it is focused on making sure the content on your page (images and text) tells search engines what your site and page is all about. This helps you get found when someone searches for you.

As you can see there are many items that go into On-Page Optimization. I take care of all these things when I help develop your Website. You need an HVAC SEO Expert to help you win more business.

Keyword Research as part of HVAC SEO Services

Keywords play an important role as does making sure your images are labeled properly. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are missed and are so important. I make sure there is a proper structure on every page of your Website. This helps ensure you are optimized for search engines and more traffic to your Website. I know this all looks like a lot of work and it is however as an experienced Web developer I know how to do all this quickly and efficiently.

As you can see getting someone who can provide you with the SEO Services you need is important. I can provide the services you need.

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